Adrenalin for the bravest

Who said that team building is done sitting around a table?

A great way to verify and improve the functioning of a team of coworkers or friends is to meet up in the wild nature to confront challenges full of adrenalin! It isn’t always necessary to distance the civilization: a Dinner with Murder, a Night at the Museum or a Crazy Car Race can give us all the shock of adrenalin we need.


Who wants a dose of adrenalin?

Have you always dreamt about rafting? About playing soldiers in an ambush between the woods? Or about building a minicar and hurling on an improvised track, competing with your friends? Then these activities are right there for you! Athletic preparation isn’t necessary, our activities are suitable for all: children, adults, women and man. Our extremely skilled coaches will help everybody to face the adventures in absolute safety and with the maximum fun.

These activities are particularly fit for an adventurous bachelor party or for a bachelorette party for brave and athletic girls. Spending together a day devoted to adventure will help you to strengthen your friendship before the big step.

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