City Game: an Adventure in the City

We love adventure, but we do believe that to try an exciting experience you don’t have to go into the wild. Also big metropolis and Italian art cities can offer an exhilarating experience, a memory that will last forever. That’s why we have planned a big variety of activities called City Games.

It is not a treasure hunt!

What do we think about when we say “treasure hunt”?

A fixed path? A sequence of milestones? Riddles and quizzes to solve? A travel in search of a hidden “treasure” to find?.. A City Game is much more than that!

We will let you experience the city from the inside, plunging into its unique atmosphere. Of course, you will walk around the city streets following the clues we will provide. But of greater importance will be to interact directly with inhabitants and monuments of the place. We will do it in different ways according to which of our City Games we will choose. Constant will remain, in any case, the discovering of places that are usually invisible to tourists, of customs and traditions, of curious anecdotes or sinister legends.

City Game iPad in Venice

What are our City Games?

We have great experience in every kind of fun and training activities: creative, culinary and musical. That’s why our City Games offer a wide range of different options. The interaction with the city will thus occur on different levels: cultural and historical, artistic, culinary. Thanks to many years of activity in the field of incentive travels, we know the best locations and take into account all the local peculiarities. The result? A 360° experience of the city!

The common line in our games is the location (thus, a city), a tool that can be a map or an iPad (or both) and some tasks to fulfil. The path and tasks will depend on the topic chosen. Constant are the creativity needed to pass all the challenges and the fun given from the discovery of a new city or new places in a city you thought you knew. Participants are usually divided into different teams and compete in creativity, speed, originality.

Get ready for a passionate challenge!

Types of City Game

There are so many and many more can be created just for you! Here’s a list of what we already do:

  • Urban Movie: shoot a short video that tells about our visit into the city. We will become ourselves screenwriters, directors and actors of our movie, that will remain to us afterwards as a memory of the experience.
  • City Game Cinema: a journey into the movie’s world that will bring us to discover Hollywood yesterday’s and today’s best movies. The perfect location? Of course… Venice!
  • City Game Mystery: a truly supernatural adventure for the Team. Sinister legends and mysterious characters will come to life between the city’s walls. We will follow the steps of odd religious sects and discover unutterable secrets.
  • City Game Art: discover the art that is hidden inside a city and release the artist in you! It isn’t just about visiting artistic monuments: participants will firsthand create art masterpieces.
  • City Game Photonovel: could you build a plot by using only pictures and captions? We will move around the town looking for characters and stories to tell, with fantasy and originality.
City Games
  • City Game Leonardo: a journey into Leonardo da Vinci’s heritage. We will reconstruct his life and even… some of his artful machines! The great painter and scientist left traces of his activity in many Italian towns, among which Milan.
  • City Game Football: for the lovers of the most popular sport in the world. Italian cities are famous for their football teams. In this game we will face quizzes on football themes, but also challenges in… sports!
  • Spy Game: obscure events occur in the city, disturbing appearances wander around the streets. Will we manage to discover their secrets and to stop their dark intrigues? An adventure to feel like a real 007.
  • City Game Illuminati: a mysterious esoteric sect seems to plot against the city inhabitants. It takes a lot of courage to explore its intrigues and secrets! Will we face the challenge?
  • Roofs of Milan: a walk as high as the Duomo spires. This City Game gives us the unique opportunity to take a look at the city from a completely unusual point of view.
  • Culinary City Game: a food journey with different milestones. We will discover the typical products of the city visited, stories and fun facts linked to their traditions. But it won’t be only a scientific study: we will also have to taste!
  • City Game Quiz: how strong is your team in general culture? Italian towns are full of bizarre stories and anecdotes. To answer the quizzes we will have to consult inhabitants and tourists.
  • City Game Mosaic: we will build a masterpiece of artistic mosaic starting from some photos we will shoot by ourselves. The topic? We can choose any we like!