Team Cooking Games

These are some of the most popular Team Working Activities. They are an excellent way to celebrate company’s achievements, entertain clients, reward employees… but not only.


Team Cooking is about “playing” with Italian and international food culture. Participants, assisted by a chef, enter the kitchen to prepare the day menu! Hand-made pasta, appetizers, vegetable flan, roast finger, desserts and many other things to prepare for lunch or dinner: for an afternoon the kitchen becomes a metaphor of the Company. One day “out of the box” to develop teamworking skills and creativity, and then eat self made food!

Why Team Cooking is such a popular team building activity? First of all because, being a vert pleasant game, it easily brings people together and boosts corporate team’s potential. Team Cooking is a new and original way to build a strong team using a multi-sensory approach.

Depending on company preferences we can organize the following cooking events: pasta making, sushi cooking, choco cooking, cocktail challenge, pizza baking, cake design, finger food factory, healthy cooking and so on!

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