Creative Games for team building

To express your creative capabilities is a fun and exciting experience, that will bond together a company of friends or a group of coworkers way more efficiently than a traditional team building activity. We offer various kinds of Creative Games, from Movie Making to Action Painting, from Pasta Building to Sand Castles. Try ’em all!


What the Creative Games are like?

Creative Games are all these activities in which is necessary to express your artistic or engineering side. Like all of our activities, they are team games, and to succeed in proposing and realizing a communal project is a not unimportant challenge! In these games the dynamics of the team work become evident, while problems and misunderstandings quickly emerge. To solve eventual problems and realize a project most original and successful than those of the other groups: this is the goal of every participant of our Creative Games!


Stages of the game

Each creative game passes through a series of stages, that remain constant in spite of the many differences between the formats. This is the path that the game normally follows:

  • conception of the project
  • detailed planning
  • project realization
  • presentation of the project to the other teams and, eventually, competition.

The presented project can be of different kinds: a work of construction, a painting, a construction done with the Lego bricks, a short movie… constant remains the necessity of creating something in team, working together in an active way and expressing creativity and originality of thought.

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