Music Games for team building

A nice way of making team building and having fun is to play music! A group of colleagues can turn into a corporate orchestra, make a performance with percussion instruments (eventually made from recycled materials), or shoot a real music video on the notes of the last summer hit with the Lip Dub activity! What do you say, will you put to trial your musical talent?


What Music Games are about?

These games are some of our most fun activities, those that boost the harmony of the group and the team spirit. Playing music together, beating hands in time or performing a coreography with rhythm makes a team function like a unique person. The effect is that of infinite enthusiasm, that infects everyone and makes us live unforgettable moments of truly euphoria.

Last but not least, another pleasant feature of Music Games is the tangible memory they leave behind: the audio and video record of the activity, that we will be able to hear and see any time.


Who this format is addressed to?

If you always dreamt about performing on a stage like the most famous singers, this is your shot! But also if you never believed in your singing capacities, trust us: to play and sing all together will make you discover new qualities in your friends or colleagues… and in yourselves!

An original proposal for a bachelor or bachelorette party can be to create all together a song and a music video dedicated to the newlyweds. It will be played during the ceremony and will remain forever as a memory and an evidence of friendship. A gift that the couple will never forget!

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