Scavenger Hunt

Given our love for adventure, one of our favorite games couldn’t be Scavenger Hunt in its hundreds of varieties. This game can be played nearly everywhere: in an indoor location, in a town, in the countryside or even in the open sea. The options are truly infinite!

The constant features of the format Scavenger Hunt? A path with a sequence of milestones to follow with the aid of a map or an iPad; some creative tasks to fulfill, often concerning photography; the duty of fulfilling these tasks in group, in collaboration with friends of coworkers who are in the same team.

Where will we go for a Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger Hunt map

The most widespread variety of a City Game is with no doubt the urban treasure hunt. With this game we have already conquered the most beautiful art cities of Italy, between which Rome, Venice, Florence and Lucca, as well as our town, Milan. Often we travel abroad: we played in Prague, Barcelona and Istanbul, and in the island of Malta. One of our best experiences was done in Dubai, where we have our headquarters!

Urban Treasure Hunt is a perfect mean to help your guests to relax after a convention or during a work travel. It can also be an original idea for a bachelor or bachelorette party: just think about kidnapping your friend to bring them… in a new city to discover playing all together! It most certainly will be an unforgettable experience!

Scavenger Hunt city game is a great opportunity to visit the most charming and attractive places of the city. The participants learn new facts through funny and challenging activities. In this way they can discover artistic and cultural aspects of the visited places.

Treasure Hunt varieties

But doing an activity around the city streets requires much movement. An option for those who, for health or for any other reason, don’t like to walk too much, is the Segway City Tour. This ultramodern mean of transportation, light and comfortable, will bring each participants around the town with no effort at all, quickly and with a lot of fun.

Last but not least, we couldn’t overlook our most newly born format, the discovery of summer 2016: Pirate Treasure Hunt!

What are the main ingredients of our Scavenger Hunt activities? Fun, relationship, exploration, discovery are certainly the elements that won’t miss. This format mixes Urban Orienteering, Problem Solving and Live Action Game! These three components are combined together in a passionate and enrolling game. The result? Pleasure for visiting the city and fun for joining the team!

Our Treasure Hunts