Our first Treasure Hunt at Cinque Terre

Our first Treasure Hunt at Cinque Terre

Our first Treasure Hunt at Cinque Terre

Our Scavenger Hunt and City Games activities keep on conquering new territories. In the last 10 years we already brought our hosts in the biggest Italian and world cities (Milan, Rome, Venice, FlorenceLucca, Catania, but also Dubai, Barcelona, Prague, Istanbul and Malta island). And now there is a new entry: we conquered Liguria with our first Treasure Hunt at Cinque Terre!


Discovering Cinque Terre

Scavenger Hunt in Cinque TerreCinque Terre (literally, Five Lands) are an Italian national park and a protected territory. They are five small cities on the Ligurian coast: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso. The cities can be reached by train or by boat (except for Corniglia, which doesn’t have access to the sea), but are hardly reachable by car. For our first treasure hunt at Cinque Terre we chose to use ferry boats. We brought our customers through all the cities to let them discover these charming Italian places. A travel where at every step there were creative activities, photos and video, fun challenges and hints to be found.

Each Team received some information material about Cinque Terre and a list of activities to do. Our freedom was limited only by the timetable of ferry boats, with which Teams could travel as they liked. All of them were accompanied by one of our trainers. The aim of the game? To complete all the activities and reach by time the final meeting point. But mostly to have fun and spend a nice day all together.

During the activities, each Team showed its best in creativity and fantasy. They sang, danced, composed poems, drank coffee, sunbathed, dunked their feet in water and even played a game of human chess. Therefore, it was a really unforgettable day. People who usually work in different lands here could become a Team and work all as one. It was a great team building activity!

But we had another surprise coming…



A Dinner with Murder!

Dinner with MurderWhen all the Teams completed the list of creative activities, they received the final hint that let them find a mysterious place. That was… a restaurant with a delicious fish dinner waiting for them! But the fun wasn’t over. They didn’t know there was another team building activity: a Dinner with Murder.

But where are the actors? There wasn’t any! Participants themselves had to play the characters of a murder plot! Following the indications of a director and improvising, they performed Agatha Christie’s Poirot on the Nile. Why did we choose this novel? Because of its setting: we have been traveling on the boats all day long, and the novel is set on a cruise!

After the Scavenger Hunt we already knew that our participants were creative people. But now they revealed qualities of great actors! The audience laughed and applauded their colleagues. Even our camera woman had to struggle hard in order to film the activity: her hands shook for laughing she tried to keep.

At the end of the performance, each table had to propose a solution of the detective story. All were close enough to the correct solution, but only one Team gave correctly all the details and motivations of the crime. They won the game!

Would you like to be the next protagonist of our Thrilling Dinner activity? Click HERE to contact us.


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