Meet our team!

Scavenger Hunt is a project of TeamWorking. We have ten years of experience in organizing events for small and big enterprises. Our headquarters are in Milan and Dubai, but we work all around Italy and abroad. One of the first to offer Team Building activities in Italy, we still continue to be the best!


Our team


Giovanni Gambardella










 Master trainer in Neuro-linguistic programming. Is an expert in communication and organizational behavior, i.e. we knows and resolves everything!

Particularly traits: the Boss.

Giovanni’s personal Assistant, handles clients, accounting, translations… What doesn’t she do? Recently she’s been the guardian of the coffee machine!

Particularly traits: her a labrador weights as much as her colleague.

TeamWorking’s official photographer and filmmaker.

Particularly traits: our true Naples mozzarella’s supplier.

Content manager, writes articles in Italian, English and Russian. Manages advertising and social network pages.

Particularly traits: if you don’t ‘Like’  TeamWorking’s facebook page, she’ll take it personally.

By far, our best trainer!

Particularly traits: has the strange ability of becoming invisible in pictures… (it was really hard to get this one!).