Positive trend in tourism

Positive trend in tourism

Tourism grows… and Italy is doing well!

For the seventh year in a row, tourism is growing, with 5,3% increase in the first 4 months of 2016. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) counted that in these months 348 millions of tourists travelled to foreign destinations, 18 millions more than in the same period of last year. And the positive trend in tourism will probably continue for the rest of the year. Previsions for the summer period (from May to August) say that other 500 millions people will leave their home for a holiday, and the year will probably end with an increase between 3,5 and 4,5%.

Positive trend in tourismEurope is still the most visited between the continents, but other destinations keep on growing. Sub-Saharan Africa shows the biggest growth, with +13% this year, followed by Southeast Asia and Oceania (+10% both). Unsurprisingly, given the serious conditions of war and terrorism, North Africa and Middle East go down with -8 and -7%.

And Italy? It’s still at the 5th place worldwide for the number of visitors (after France, USA, Spain and China) and at the 7th for the incomes. The first months of 2016 registered an increase of 5,1%. The most visited regions? The islands, Sicily and Sardinia, and the beautiful beaches of Salento, in Puglia.

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