Scavenger Hunt in Dubai - Treasure Hunt Activities
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Scavenger Hunt in Dubai

Scavenger Hunt in Dubai: not only skyscrapers

Scavenger Hunt in Dubai is a great chance to know better your colleagues or friends while visiting the city. In this game you will discover precious locations hidden in the city, solve puzzles that make you get acquainted with local habits, learn facts and fascinating stories.

Our format is designed to let participants to get to know each other and boost team spirit. You will receive a set of hints and enigmas that will guide you through the city. Each puzzle solved and each activity accomplished is a chance for extra points that will count during the final assessment. Like any other city game, Scavenger Hunt in Dubai boosts creativity, generates outstanding ideas but above all creates partnership and strong relations. And, of course, is a source of pure fun that will surprise and energize your friends!

Equipped with iPads?

You want to take your game to another dimension? Enrich a traditional City Game with and iPad! Advantages of our Treasure Hunt with iPad:

  • Chat among teams
  • Send jokes
  • Receive hints
  • Send pictures
  • Watch videos

Find it out by yourself! Click HERE and contact us for more information.