The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

Pokémon Go is a huge success: in just 3 weeks it arrived in more than 10 countries and had 75 millions of downloads. Sure we all know someone who’s playing, and we meet every day people who wander around the town with their eyes glued to the screen of their smartphone. Distraction on road has already caused deaths, but it doesn’t seem to scary the enthusiasts of the game, who keep growing in number. What is the cause of this Pokémon Go Phenomenon? The use of augmented reality, that soon will probably enter our everyday life!

Pokémon Go Phenomenon and Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go phenomenonThe first idea of what would become Pokémon Go goes back to the 2014, when Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, in collaboration with Google, created an April fool called Pokémon Challenge. And in September 2015 Nintendo launched the app that would revolutionize the universe of virtual games.

The true innovative factor of Pokémon Go is the fact that they use the so-called augmented reality with the geolocation. This means that the players see on the screen of their smartphones the landscape that is really around them (created in collaboration with Google Maps), with added some Pokémons. The players need to catch them, train them and exchange them, just like happened in the cartoon.

Augmented Reality in Team Building

Realtà aumentataTeamWorking has beed using the effects of augmented reality for a long time. They are part of our City Games, the scavenger hunts where the participant must cover an itinerary and perform creative tasks. In this activity they are guided by an iPad, that also lets them communicate with the other teams, to make photos and videos, and much more.

Of course we can still do better than that, and the Pokémon Go phenomenon will lead us to improve our City Games using more and better the effects of augmented reality. There’s no doubt that this is the future of digital communication, and we want to be up with the times! Click HERE to contact us right now and organize your City Game with iPad in an Italian or European city – or also in Dubai!

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